Management Perspective On IPR

Management Perspective On IPR

- Binding : Paperback
- ISBN13 : 9789383572717
- Language : English
- Publication Year : 2016
- Author: Bharati S. Dole & Dilip M. Sarwate
- Product Code: VPA16038

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About the Book:
There is considerable confusion in the areas of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).This book aims to remove the same and focuses on managerial aspects of IPR avoiding legal jargon. It has wide coverage of all IPRs- Patents, Industrial Designs, Trademark, Copyright, Geographical Indications, New Plant Varieties, Semiconductor IC Layout Design and Trade Secrets. The special feature of the book is a focus on IP Management and IP Audit.

Key points of the Book:

  • Intellectual Property Law and importance of IP explained in simple terms
  • Co-relates IP strategies with Managerial Perspective . Full of illustrations and case studies from all over the world

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