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beyond the horizon beyond
‘beyond the horizon beyond’, Kala Ramesh​’s first book of haiku and haibun, ​contains​ eleven y..
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Kay bolave  Kadhi boalve
काय बोलावं? कधी बोलावं? हे मनपरिवर्तनासाठी संवाद कसा साधावा यावर आधारित असलेलं पुस्तक असून, उद्योगजग..
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Smiley Mushafiri
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Tania's Treasure Trove
Most first generation immigrants and their children face numerous problem while trying to merge into..
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The Fundamentals of Business communication
We commonly talk about being effective in communication skills to achieve organizational goals or fo..
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Tumchya Yashach Mahamarg
आयुष्यात ‘विशिष्ट’ ध्येय किंवा उद्दिष्ट साध्य करण्याच्या दृष्टीने अत्यंत महत्त्वपूर्ण आणि नेमक्या धो..
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YD  Year Down
YD (Year Down) is a touching story of a bright student… It is a story of everyone who has love deep ..
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