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Applied Thermodynamics
About the Book The Applied Thermodynamics book helps you to understand the various concepts use..
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Basic Science Chemistry - Semester I First Year Diploma (Common to All Branches)
This book has been designed to be a textbook for diploma first year students of MSBTE. It consists o..
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Computer Networks
About the Book In this textbook, the students will find simple and straightforward approach of Comp..
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Construction Management
A practicing professional in the infrastructure sector has no ready access to libraries and internet..
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Control Systems
About the Book The Control Systems book helps you to understand the various concepts of mechanica..
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Data Structures and Files
About Book Data Structures are the building blocks of a program as they are the structural represen..
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Engineering Chemistry
About the Book: Engineering Chemistry is a book for undergraduate students . The book covers w..
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Engineering Mathematics - I
About the Book : Engineering mathematics is a branch of applied mathematics, concerning mathem..
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Engineering Physics
Physiscs is a subject that plays a key role in generating vital knowledge needed for future technolo..
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High Performance Computing
About the Book All Key terms related to parallel computing are e..
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Information Technology and Project Management
About the Book: This is a text book on “Information Technology and Project Management”. The subject..
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Integrated Circuits
About the Book Operational amplifier is one of the most important building blocks in electronic s..
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Mobile Computing With Android
About the Book: Mobile Computing with Android: A practical approach is created with a strong belief..
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Object-Oriented and Multicore Programming
About the Book The number of smartphone users in India is increasing day by day. The main reason ..
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