YD  Year Down

YD Year Down

- Binding : Paperback
- ISBN13 : 9789385665905
- Language : English
- Publication Year : 2017
- Author: Parag Kulkarni
- Product Code: VPG17145

- Availability: In Stock
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YD (Year Down) is a touching story of a bright student… It is a story of everyone who has love deep in his heart and adversities chasing him from all the corners. Probably of every engineering student, every professional who has spent sleepless nights chasing grades and deriving meaning from heap of meaningless facts from syllabus… It is a story of every student who has withstood long monotonous lectures without sleeping due to fear of punishment and defaulter list. It is a story of youthful exuberance, long tiring preparation leave nights and innocent dreamy eyes. It is a story of students with sleepy days and sleepless nights! It is a story of every YOU who fought all hurdles for love. Let’s unfold this story and walk with Sameer on thorny streets for his love to seek ultimate resolve…

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