Reboot Your Mind - Move from Negiativity to Positivity with NLP

Reboot Your Mind - Move from Negiativity to Positivity with NLP

- Binding : VPG17118
- ISBN13 : 9789385665622
- Language : English
- Publication Year : 2017
- Author: D. P. Apte
- Product Code: VPG17118

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NLP helps in harnessing potential of the power of subconscious. This small yet comprehensive self-help or do-it-yourself type book, won't need additional explanation. This book relates the theory and principles with the NLP exercises. NLP fundamentals are explained in a simple language, whereas the exercises are explained in details to help beginners.
This book would take the powerful and yet simple magical method of NLP to thousands of people who need it to cope with depression, phobias, stress, addiction to alcohol and tobacco, emotional disorders, unexplained pain, fear, emotional issues like relationship and parenting, migraines, low confidence and low self-esteem, low performance at school examinations, etc.
The purpose of this book is to make the NLP as developed by the community, available to the reader. This book would be an interesting read for people of all ages: students, working professionals, housewives, and retired people. For some it offers learning, for others entertainment, for yet others self-help to resolve their personal issues!!

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