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On The Inside
On the Inside explores the reunion of four doctor friends, Anuja- the cardiothoracic anesthesiologi..
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One Love
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Reality Bytes-The Role Of HR in Today's World
The single-most competitive edge for an organization is its people. However, many times organization..
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Reboot Your Mind - Move from Negiativity to Positivity with NLP
NLP helps in harnessing potential of the power of subconscious. This small yet comprehensive self-he..
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Smart City
Arun Firodia's monograph on urban planning lays out a vision for Smart Cities, putting a much talked..
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Story Shots Poetry Pints
The book is an anthology of heart-wrenching short stories and poetry soaked in nostalgic romance, be..
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Tania's Treasure Trove
Most first generation immigrants and their children face numerous problem while trying to merge into..
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That's Naut my Business
When you pet into business you expect to make it a success. As a prudent business person you need to..
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The Fundamentals of Business communication
We commonly talk about being effective in communication skills to achieve organizational goals or fo..
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The Gurukul Chronicles
Eka, a humble hunter with an impossible dream. Radheya, a foundling with a mysterious power. Aswa, ..
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The Hanuman Heart
Hanuman occupies a special place in the Ramayana, as the foremost devotee of  Sri Rama, who com..
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The Kabir Way
Success lies out of the comfort zone. In this book, Mandar constantly tries to push readers out of t..
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The Ripple Effect
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