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Indian Caes In B2B Marketing
About the Book: Following this approach, this book has been written to introduce the basic con..
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Innovations on Two Wheels
This book is an ode to India's ingenuity and indigenous. Arun Firodia led the charge and made seld-s..
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Leaves Of Life
Meeran Chadha Borwankar, an IPS officer of Maharashtra, has a story to share with young girls and wo..
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LOGIRIDDLES.....Logical Puzzels
'Logiriddles' has been written to encourage logical thinking, scientific and analytical reasoning am..
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Lost In The Red Maze
On a visit to his native place, Mangalore, sixteen-year- old Asif falls in love with a Catholic girl..
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Lovin'a Hero
Aditi has lost all hopes of happiness; she has a hectic schedule and a broken marriage to sting her ..
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Lucy's Children  - A Salad Bowl of Open Secrets coming out of guarded Closets
"This book is a creative mixture of facts, fictions and reflections based on the author's learnings ..
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Management Innovation
About the Book : Management has grown as a discipline in the last 150 years or so, with many t..
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Management Perspective On IPR
About the Book: There is considerable confusion in the areas of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)...
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As an awkward adolescent growing up in a modest Delhi home, Maya yearns for an upper class lifestyle..
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My Children My Teachers
Parenting with all the pleasure it offers, also packs along anxiety. The latter, often a consequence..
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Naad Anunaad - An anthology Of Contemporary world Haiku
Save off
Haiku are word paintings that pilot the reader beyond the image into a sacred realm. For a poem comp..
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Nissim Ezekiel - the authorized biography
Nissim Ezekiel is regarded as the father of modern Indian English poetry, and the founder of the Bom..
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No Holy Cows in Business... 9 Principle of Entrepreneurship
Business is about passion, perseverance and continuously reinventing yourself.  This book give..
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No Kidding! Raising Happy Parents
After the success of her first two books, Kinjal Goyal is back with a third, this time focusing on p..
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