beyond the horizon beyond

beyond the horizon beyond

- Binding : Paperback
- ISBN13 : 9789386455017
- Language : English
- Publication Year : 2017
- Product Code: VPG17154

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‘beyond the horizon beyond’, Kala Ramesh’s first book of haiku and haibun, contains eleven years of her work. It includes 283 haiku arranged into the five elements known as the Panchabhutas, and 41 haibun (haiku embedded in prose). The cover design and illustrations are by Prabha Mallya. Richard Gilbert comments: “in this book are many examples of Kala’s unique voice, which offers a delicacy of language, through her ability to articulate nuanced interior worlds.” Bill Kenney observes that all Kala’s many interests and studies resolve themselves in Kala: Haiku poet? Indian poet? Woman poet? A phenomenal poet, surely, ever absorbing and moving beyond what she finds in haiku, in art, in philosophy, in life. Travel with her as she takes us beyond the horizon beyond.”

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