The Kabir Way

The Kabir Way

- Binding : Paperback
- ISBN13 : 9789385665578
- Language : English
- Publication Year : 2017
- Author: Mandar Karanjkar
- Product Code: VPG17115

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Success lies out of the comfort zone. In this book, Mandar constantly tries to push readers out of their typical corporate mind-set and opens up the doors to the wisdom of Saint Kabir and lucidly applies it to some of the toughest challenges faced while running the business today.This book is unique as it ponders upon the wisdom from 15th century and relates it with the happenings in today's business world. The wisdom is ancient but the cases discussed are modern- from Microsoft, Titan, Amazon and Forbes Marshall to Uber and Juno. This book compels the reader to dive deep within herself. In form of a story, it takes the readers deep inside the ocean of
insights from saint Kabir and guides them on how to practically implement them while running companies and doing business. Startup founders, managers and leaders will certainly find valuable insights with transformational


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