Defying Destiny - Eighteen Inspiring Icons of Pune

Defying Destiny - Eighteen Inspiring Icons of Pune

- Binding : Paperback
- ISBN13 : 9789385665189
- Language : English
- Publication Year : 2016
- Author: N. Ram Gopal
- Product Code: VPG16070

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How people respond to challenges defines how they face difficulties. This book is about how people from different circumstances, backgrounds, situations around the same time period succeeded when they came face to face with adversity. Each of these 18 iconic personalities have seen India transit through major historical, economic, intellectual, technological and social change. Some so rapid, that it would be difficult for one generation to probably absorb and assimilate. These stories not only show resilience to change but also showcase resurgence of spirit. They show opportunities can be leveraged for succeeding in ventures they so passionately chose.

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